Ahmedabad: Venting her anger over the uncooperative attitude of the Gujarat government, wife of slain former Gujarat Home Minister Haren Pandya, Jagrutiben has put the Modi government in the dock.

In a letter written to the union Home Minister P Chidambaram, she said, “I am not able to understand that whether the Gujarat government is helping me or creating trouble for me. Inspite of being lambasted by the High court, the CBI has refused to accept the failure in its investigations.”

However, the Gujarat government has agreed to appeal in the Supreme Court in this regard.

After making failed appeals to senior BJP leader LK Advani and Chief Minister Narendra Modi, she wrote to the Home Minister on September 1 to sought help in fighting the legal battle. She also highlighted the shortcomings of the CBI.

However, Jagruti is still to receive a response from the Home Ministry.

She also had a phone conversation with CBI Director AP Singh in this regard and will meet him on Tuesday next week to point out the flaws in the CBI investigation.