London: Prince Harry recently rushed to the aid of a polo player who fell off his horse and blacked out when he crashed to the ground.

Fast-acting Harry, 27, who was playing in a charity polo match in Brazil, leapt off his horse to give the injured Bash Kazi first aid, putting him in the recovery position, a daily reported.

The British Red Cross on Sunday praised the Prince for administering first aid so quickly, asserting that his actions could have saved Kazi's life. The 41-year-old called Harry a "fabulous person".

"Prince Harry was the first off his horse, doing the right thing to make sure I regained consciousness," Kazi said.

Kazi was flung into the air after his horse collided with two others in the charity match during Prince Harry's recent visit to Brazil. The businessman, who resides in Washington DC, was later taken to hospital. "I think I had a minor concussion, but I've had a CT scan and everything is clear," he said.

"Given the prince is a veteran of Afghanistan and an active duty officer in the British Army, he's presumably had good training in basic trauma care," Joe Mulligan, the British Red Cross head of first aid, said.

"But his actions do underline a serious point: when accidents happen, someone needs to have the confidence and skills to step in.

"Simply laying someone on their side so they can breathe properly could save that person's life," Mulligan added.