Harvard has produced 25 current CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, accounting for 5 percent of the total. The University of Tokyo has produced 13, or 2.6 percent.
Stanford University of the United States was third with 11, or 2.2 percent. The United States dominated the top 10 with four institutions, followed by France with three, Japan two and South Korea one.
The rankings published on Thursday are the first of their kind by the magazine, known for its annual World University Rankings.
It surveyed where the CEOs went to school or earned degrees, while taking into account factors such as the revenues of the firms they manage.
The United States was home to the most universities on the list with 38, followed by China with 15, Japan with nine, France with eight, Germany with five and Britain with four.
By continent, North America had 40 universities listed, Asia 29, Europe 26, South America two, Africa two, and Oceania one.


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