"The BJP formed government in Haryana by a political accident and by chance...they (BJP activists) were unwilling and had no hope that they will get power," Hooda, a two time chief minister said in a reaction to BJP's 100 days in office.
Citing examples of lack of coordination, between Khattar, his ministers and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Hooda said, "One minister claims that there is no shortage of urea in the state, but others maintain that there is shortage".
"The chief minister claims that the state has 10,000 MW power, but still farmers are not getting electricity in winter," Hooda said.
He further said, "Modi claims that Delhi is getting water, but Khattar on the other hand asserts that Haryana will not give its share of water to any other state".
Alleging that there is an unrest in each section of society in the state, "One minister complains that he is not getting free hand to work while Khattar opposes it".
The former chief minister also said that the Khattar government in its first 100 days had "miserably failed" on all fronts.

"This government had failed to create faith among the people of the state who feel that there is no democracy in Haryana but president's rule," he added.
He charged the Haryana government of being "directionless" and said the Congress is set to make a "comeback" in the state.
He, however, said that three months were not enough to review the performance of any government so the Congress is ready to give another 100 days to it.
"If things didn't improve in the next 100 days especially power situation, then we will join protest by the people across the state," Hooda said, adding, that all sections, including farmers, traders, employees and police are unhappy with the present regime.
Hitting out at the saffron party, he said it has been splitted in two different units. "One is BJP and other is Bahari (outside) Janata Party with people like Kiran Bedi and others joining it," he said.
He lambasted the NDA for making amendments in Land Acquisition law. "The amendments have made land acquisition worse than the British regime," he said.
On the issue of fresh war between Punjab and Haryana over SYL and Ravi Beas water issue with Punjab approaching the apex court, Hooda said that it is nothing but only "delaying tactics."

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