New Delhi: Haryana on Tuesday demanded higher allocation of power from the central sector projects to meet its growing energy needs, especially during the ongoing kharif sowing season.

State Power Minister Ajay Singh Yadav asked the Centre to come up with a plan to provide additional power to the state during peak hours and also provide higher allocation from the Central sector projects, including mega power plants.

"For peaking load, power is needed which can come from either hydro- or gas-run power plants. Thus, to satisfy the peak requirement of states like Haryana, the Union Ministry of Power needs to come up with a plan to provide for additional required power during peaking hours," Yadav said.

Yadav, who was speaking at the state power ministers' conference at Planning Commission, also expressed concern over poor quality and insufficient quantity of coal allocation for power plants in Haryana.

The minister said that Haryana is a major contributor to the foodgrain basket of India and there are insufficient rains this year. The state should be given higher allocation of power from the central sector projects, including mega power plants, he demanded.

Sowing of kharif crops mainly paddy has been impacted negatively due to deficeint rains and power shortage.

While drawing the Centre's attention towards the resource crunch faced by distribution companies across the country, he pointed out that recently the banks have withdrawn their support which has caused numerous financial problems in the sector.

The central government should advise the banks to continue to support this sector till the turnaround happens, he said.

He also demanded that the state should be provided adequate coal allocation. Against a requirement of around five racks per day, the plant is getting less than two racks per day making it difficult for the plant to operate uninterruptedly, he pointed out.


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