Chandigarh: Haryana is firm on getting its legitimate share of water from the Ravi Beas rivers in Punjab, Governor Jagannath Pahadia on Friday said.

Delivering his address on the opening day of the Budget Session of the Haryana Assembly here, Pahadia said the state is water stressed having only 14 MAF of water compared to its requirement of 36 MAF.

"The water problem is further aggravated by the fact that the state has been deprived of its legitimate share from the Ravi Beas Rivers," he said.

The Government is also committed to ensuring an equitable distribution of available water within the State, Pahadia said, detailing other steps, including construction of new water courses, being taken for distribution of water in the state.

He said the state government would work for the expeditious construction of Sutlej Yamuna Link Canal. The dispute between Haryana and Punjab over the sharing of waters from the Ravi Beas rivers arose after the reorganisation of Punjab in November 1966 when the two states were carved out as successor states.

After deliberations at various levels since there was no resolution to the dispute, a tribunal was set up in 1986 which allocated 18.28 MAF of water among Rajasthan 8.60 MAF; Jammu and Kashmir 0.65 MAF; Delhi Water Supply 0.20 MAF; Punjab 5.00 MAF and Haryana 3.83 MAF, but the issue is presently pending before the Centre.

Referring to the issue of power, the Governor said the state Government is committed to provide quality power supply to all the consumers of the state by increasing the power generation and strengthening transmission and distribution system.

"To achieve this, concrete steps have been taken to add generation capacity in public and private sector and to make commensurate investments in transmission and distribution network," he added.


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