The Satrol Khap, which represents 36 communities spread over an area of 250 square kilometers, took the historic decision at a Mahapanchayat convened in Narain town of Hisar district.

Speaking to leading daily, Khap chief Inder Singh said, “In our Mahapanchayat today, keeping in mind the changing times and demand from the youth, we allowed marriages to be solemnised within 42 villages that fall within the Khap. We also allowed inter-caste marriage subject to parental consent.”

Although the Satrol Khap has allowed inter-caste marriages, the ban on marriages within the same gothra, village and two neighbouring villages stays.

In another decision, the Khap Panchayat formally approved a resolution under which the 42 villages will not accord sanctity to any communities like Jats, Ahirs, etc.

Instead, all in the villages will be considered equal without bringing in any perceived superior or lower image of a particular community.


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