New Delhi: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will roll out the country's first Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system at Haryana tomorrow, replacing the current cash payment method.
Road Transport and Highways Minister C P Joshi will inaugurate the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology-based toll collection plaza at Chandimandir near Punchkula in Haryana on Delhi-Chandigarh highway on pilot basis, which will be replicated pan-India, an official said.
"The system will not only plug leakages under the present toll collection system but would ensure uninterrupted travel on highways across the country," a Road Transport Ministry official said.
The technology will help users to make payment without stopping at toll plazas and will reduce traffic congestion and commuting time, the official said adding that toll statements can be made available online to the road users and they don't need to stop for collecting receipt.
Under the system a chip-embedded sticker will be stuck on a vehicle, and the driver will not have to stop at toll plazas to pay the required sum. This is because money will be automatically collected from the chip and will pooled at one place electronically and then distributed to the toll plaza operators.
"The Government plans to introduce a single RFID smart tag to be used at all toll plazas across the country," the official said.
He added that for getting the tag users "need to register with the agency with the basic details like Name, Address, Vehicle type, Vehicle registration number etc which will be stored in the central database along with the unique identification code of tag."
The censors placed at toll plaza gates will read the tag and allow boom barriers to go up automatically and once the vehicle crosses it, information will be sent to the Central Clearing House (CCH).
To begin with, 1-2 lanes in each direction will be dedicated for ETC at each toll plaza.
An official statement said it is essential to network all the toll plazas for seamless data communication between toll plazas and the Central Clearing House (CCH).
"For updating toll data, two tier database structure will be deployed, one at the Plaza level and other at the National level (Central Clearing House). The entire transaction details of all the tag accounts will be stored in the Central Database," it added.
Each ETC lane will be equipped with Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) system for cross verification of vehicle categories to avoid any misuse of tags, it said adding, in case of discrepancy, the system triggers the Camera fitted in lane and computers the image of the vehicle along with the number plate and the information will be used for the enforcement of violated vehicles.