Organized by the Bharti Foundation along with an NGO, Science Popularization Association of Communicators and Educators (SPACE), the event was held on Thursday night at Bhojawas village in Rewari district.

"The students controlled the telescope in real time and understood how to identify stars, planets, moon etc., and in turn learnt about the importance of celestial objects in detail," Amit Verma, chief executive officer of SPACE said.

"Our aim was to educate them about the benefits they receive from space, and to foster enthusiastic education and interest in science," he added.

The students also learnt about the functions, types, and set-ups of the telescope and techniques to observe the sky at night.

In addition, a ten-minute film on 'Life on the International Space Station' was screened for the students.

"SPACE organization’s project is opening a whole new world of science and space for the children in government schools," said Mamta Saikia, vice-president of the Bharti Foundation.


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