Chandigarh: Villagers whose land was acquired for setting up nuclear power project at Gorakhpur in Haryana visited Narora in Uttar Pradesh to see the operation of the functional nuclear plant there.
A 57-member team of farmers and villagers of Gorakhpur in Haryana visited nuclear power plant at Narora, an official spokesman said.
The aim of the visit was to develop better understanding of functioning of such plants among residents in Gorakhpur where a similar nuclear power plant is being set up, he said.
The team had left for Narora, along with some officers of district administration, on October 22. They interacted with local residents to know if there was any adverse impact of such a plant on their lives, the spokesman said.
He said experts told the farmers that the Narora Nuclear Plant, set up over 700 acres of land, had been operational since 1979.
At present, two units of 220 MW each were operational at the plant in which 1,300 employees were working.
He said this plant was based on the technology of 1980s and during the last more than 20 years, the plant did not witness any fault or problem.
The farmers were also told that the nuclear power plant to be set up in Gorakhpur would be of ultra modern technology with better safety measures.


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