Sirsa: Even though sportsmen from Haryana have excelled on the international and national arena, state youths have disappointed in the physical test for Army recruitment programme. Out of the 9,500 candidates who turned up in Sirsa district of Haryana for the four day Army recruitment programme, only 850 managed to clear the fitness test.

According to an Army official, the poor physical conditions of Haryana youths was a major reason behind their poor performance in the physical test.

In the first phase, the candidates were made to run a 1600 metre race. At one time, a batch of 125 candidates was made to participate in the race. “In one such batch, 47 candidates failed to reach the finish line,” remarked an Army official. He pointed out that the selection of only 850 candidates, revealed the status of their poor health.

Colonel DK Sinha, who has coordinated three recruitment processes in the district said, “Though candidates fail in physical fitness when it comes to running but they do show good performance in other physical activities like long jump and jig-jag balance.”

Praising the physical strength of youths in Haryana he added,” When it comes to physical strength, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab's youth lag behind Harayana.”

According to experts, the reason behind this poor performance of youths of Haryana is the random use of pesticides and chemicals in farming, irregular diet and alcohol addiction.

Food technologist Kamaljeet said, “In the past our diet comprised of several ingredients but now we just include rice and wheat in our daily diet. Such a limited diet cannot fulfill our daily protein and vitamin intake.”