Beijing: Has Apple lost its magical aura without Steve Jobs? Some say it has, because factors that helped it achieve phenomenal success are no longer its driving force. When Apple launched its first iPhones in 2007, they were billed as five years ahead of other phones. Today it may have turned into an ordinary technology company.

Apple's phenomenal success was attributed to outstanding product design, intelligent marketing and strict security measures. Some analysts believe the new iPhone 5 was produced with small alterations from the previous-generation, thus saving costs while meeting the needs of most users.

Although the iPhone 5 is still popular, the company may find itself in a disadvantaged position if it continues to rest on its past laurels, the People Daily noted. After Tim Cook took over its reign's, Apple may have just become another company for profits, it said.

After the release conference, more and more attendees felt the features of Many felt the features, such as the 4-inch retina screen, back shell with aluminum alloy and glass materials were similiar to the rumors that did the rounds before launch.

The so-called new features had long been exposed on the internet, the daily claimed. However, senior vice president of Apple Phil Schiller said the iPhone 5 is so far the best and most wonderful version of smart phones designed by Apple. But Forbes magazine pointed out that Apple lost its aura without Steve Jobs and has become an ordinary technology company.

Apple is also facing challenges within the industry. One week before Apple released the iPhone 5, Nokia and Microsoft jointly released a brand-new phone with the Windows 8 operation system.

Although this platform is still not very popular, the combination of Nokia and Microsoft is expected to re-build the glory built by the Wintel alliance in the PC market. Another competitor for Apple is Android.

For instance mobile phones sold by Samsung accounted for 32.6 percent of the global mobile phone market. Apple phones accounted for only a little less than 17 percent, the newspaper added.


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