New Delhi: The 'Apple' story continues. Its latest offering iPhone 5 has received huge response from the global market. Breaking all previous exploits, it has received a stupendous more than 2 billion bookings in first 24 hours.

The launch was highly anticipated in midst of marketing war with Samsung. Tim Cook’s first iPhone 4S launch in October last year was considered to be a little subdued but he seems to be making out for it and found having fun during the latest launch.

As we all know, Steve used to receive huge cheer as he stepped out on the podium during the launch of Apple’s product. He would command such respect from the fans that without uttering even a single word, he could create hysteria in the crowd.

Of course, that magic is very tough to emulate and there were apprehensions about whether his successor Tim Cook will be able to continue the legacy. But the response so far has been just Apple style and Apple has scaled new heights on Wall Street under the leadership of Tim Cook.

Apple has been in news for past few days. It has also locked its horns with Samsung over the patent issue. Steve Jobs had positioned Apple as a company which constantly innovates and always comes up with something new which is suitable to the needs of the people. And in the process enjoys position of a market leader. Often it has been found market challengers tend to develop its products based on the new found features of Apple.

However, Steve Jobs have always put some price on its products and its products fall into the category of a class product. Its products have always been pricey. From its Laptops to iPads, price has been on the higher side. With the ability to innovate, he was successful in creating gaps from its challengers.

Over the years, with the hard work of Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs, it has been successful in creating a successful brand. Such greatness does not happen every day. It is relatively easy to recognise the brand but only few would have known the fact that once Steve Jobs got fired from his own company. It was his fighting ability that he bounced back and acquired his brainchild again.

It was not the case that greatness did not exist beforehand, the genius of Akio Moreto is well known to the universe. The legendary Walkman launch gave Sony a status of a market leader and it was ubiquitous within few years of its launch. Its dominance registered for well more than a decade and continued till the launch of iPods from Apple. iPod proved to be a suitable substitute to the walkman or discman. Rather, it was need of the hour in the digital era. One trait that seems to be common in all these greats was the ability to understand the customers.  

The success of iPhone 5 is like a testimony for Tim Cook and a pat on the back. The courtroom discussions and marketing war will continue. But, any 'Apple' follower would love to watch the footsteps of this Wall Street enigma. All the best Tim Cook!
Ashish Ranjan/JPN

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