In both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, trouble started as soon as the Houses met for the day at 11 AM with members of opposition parties like Trinamool Congress, Congress and RSP shouting slogans.
With Prime Minister Narendra Modi present in the Lok Sabha after his week-long tours, opposition members vociferously pressed for a statement from him. They questioned as to how he was allowing a minister, who uses such "abusive" language, to remain in his ministry.
BJP members countered strongly the opposition attack on Jyoti, who was present in the House.
Refusing to accept the opposition demand, Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said the matter has ended as she has already apologised and the Prime Minister has disapproved of her comments.
Upset over the government response, opposition members including those from Congress, TMC and Left staged a walkout.
Normalcy restored in the House Zero Hour onwards.
Proceedings of the Rajya Sabha, however, were washed out for the second day as opposition created pandemonium demanding Jyoti's resignation.
Opposition attacked the Prime Minister, saying he was not coming to the House to speak on the issue. They wanted him to announce the "sacking" of the minister.
Ashwani Kumar (Cong), who has given notice for a discussion, said the issue concerns the entire nation and accused the Minister of "abusing" everyone.
"Such comments can divide the nation," he said, demanding Modi's presence in the House and announcement about the minister's sacking.
The House was adjourned four times in the pre-lunch sitting and twice again in the post-lunch period due to the opposition uproar, before it was adjourned for the day a little before 3 PM.

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