Film: Hate Story 2

Director: Vishal Pandya

Cast: Surveen Chawla, Sushant Singh, Jay Bhanushali, Siddharth Kher

Storyline: Sonica (Surveen) and Akshay (Jay) are madly in love with each other. A local politician played by Sushant, is also in love with Sonica. Since Sushant cannot stand her love affair, he mercilessly slays Akshay in front of her. Having the love of her life butchered in front of her eyes, Sonica is unable to stand the shock. She then plots a plan to destroy Sushant.

If Sonica succeeds or gets crushed by politically backed goons, is what this film is about.

Review: Debutant director Vishal Pandya has attempted to make the film as gruesome as he can. After exotic romance and dreadful assassination in the first half, the flick follows vengeful killing of the murderers in the second half.

Surveen Chawla, who has shed her traditional avatar and plays a pivotal role in the film, has done an impressive job with her acting skills.
 Jai Bhanushali too seems confident in many scenes. Overall, the film has a thriller factor which has nothing more to offer than a couple of intimate scenes between Surveen and Jay.