According to Rajesh Sakre, a sum of Rs 9,200 was deducted from his SBI bank account and he had no clue about the transaction made. Thereafter, Sakre raised his voice and asked the bank the details of the transaction as he never withdrew the amount from his account.

He said, “On December 23, 2011, he has Rs 20,000 balance in his bank account, out of which he withdrew Rs 10,800. After a gap of two days when he returned to the bank  to withdraw some cash, he was stunned and shocked to see that there was no balance in his account. He immediately complained the incident to officer concerned who gave no response.

Later, Rajesh moved to the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (DCDRF). Although the forum accepted his appeal, the bank kept on explaining that the costumer  himself withdrew the amount. The bank failed to show any evidence in its support and even provided no CCTV footage for the same.

Due to lack of education and money, it was not possible for Rajesh to hire a lawyer to fight his case. So, the daredevil himself decided to fight the case. To the surprise, he even won the case against SBI. As a result on June 16, the honourable court asked country's largest lender to return Rajesh's amount of Rs 9,200 along with a 6 percent rate of interest in 2 months.

The bank was also directed to pay Rs 10,000 to Rajesh for the mental distress and Rs 2000 for fighting the legal case.

Truly, hats off to the never ending spirit and faith of a common man and tea vendor Rajesh Sakre who stood for right and successfully taught the wrongdoers a lesson.



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