London: A newly published list of gifts presented to Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton during their overseas trips last year has disclosed hats as the most popular present.
The royal couple was presented with all manner of weird and wonderful mementos, but they received no fewer than 20 different types of headgear -- from trendy baseball caps for the Duke to elegant fascinators for the Duchess.
The 29-year-old pair, who are both keen horse riders, were also in receipt of a number of traditional cowboy hats during their travels, reported a daily.
During 2011, the Duke of Cambridge travelled on two official overseas visits, the first on his own to New Zealand and Australia in March, shortly before his wedding, and the second to Canada and the US in June and July with his bride.
Between them they received more than 200 gifts, including a wide range of traditional clothing, jewellery, books, photographs and ornaments.
Among the more quirky items was a pair of snow goggles fashioned from Caribou antlers, a hand-carved wooden salmon lure, a mosquito trap, a papier mache model of a cassowary bird and a jar of Vegemite, according to the list.
But hats featured very highly on the gift list, with the Duke twice receiving a collection of baseball caps during his time in New Zealand.
When he travelled to Australia, he also received headgear, this time in the shape of a traditional Akubra hat.

The theme continued when the Duke and Duchess travelled to North America in the summer.
As a search and rescue helicopter pilot with Royal Air Force, the Duke was also given another three baseball caps.
Kate also received a range of headgear on her travels, including a blue hat from a Canadian minister and two fascinators, one made of tartan and the other of peacock feathers.