New Delhi: Mornings can be madness for girls! Managing between breakfast schedules and getting ready can pose a serious challenge. And at times, your daily beauty routine can result in a mess.  But with a few simple tweaks to your morning routine, you can achieve refreshing look daily while saving your time. Read on for these simple ways:

Start the night before

Planning your day in advance can add valuable minutes to your hectic mornings. Plan your outfit a night before. Choose the outfit you are going to wear in the night. Maybe your closet is crying for a makeover that would reduce the time spent searching for an outfit.  The more you do tonight, the less you'll have to take care of tomorrow.

Wash your face a night before

Don’t forget to wash your face before you call it a night. Give your face a good scrub to remove makeup, sweat and dead skin build-up at the end of each day. Lather your skin with a deep moisturizer before going to bed. You'll wake up with a soft skin that's easy to apply make-up.

Pick any easy hairstyle

You would agree to the fact that a hairstyle can either ruin your look or add magic to it. It could be time to bid farewell to a complicated haircut that requires multiple styling tools. Until you are out for a party it’s not necessary to wash and blow-dry hair daily. Avoid a hair wash in the morning and try to shampoo your hair a night before. Otherwise letting your natural hair half-open is a good idea. Choose a style that is easier to do on your particula0r hair type.

Go low on make-up, pick two products

For a perfect day out, go for make-up that is easy to carry and does not look overdone. Pick any two products you love the most. Like a combination of moisturizer and powder, or lip gloss and eye liner or foundation and blush. Also, look for products that can be used in two ways. Reducing it down to two will save your time and money both.

Get organized

Keep your makeup area completely organized, with high-use products within easy reach. Before you hit the sack, imagine your future self in the morning. One quick organization session will prevent you from searching for shoes, accessories match your outfit, your informational papers.

On your eyes less is more

Compliment your natural eye color by simply lining your eyes with a black liner and doing a coat or two of mascara. Smudge your eyeliner around your lid for a makeshift shadow.

If you are just unable to manage your routine, learn to multitask. Take pauses while blow drying hair and utilize that time for make-up application. While you are taking a shower, recall all the things you need to take with you before stepping out.   


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