"No one in India's history worked the way we did in those 49 days. We reduced prices of electricity, water, brought down corruption. What has Modi done in his 100 days? BJP has failed to control inflation. After winning elections, they have increased train fares and the prices of petrol, sugar," Kejriwal told a rally in New Delhi.

Kejriwal said he regretted his decision to quit as the chief minister and added that he had learnt a lesson. If voted to power, he would focus on Delhi and govern for the full term of five years, he said.

"We are new to politics and we learnt one thing, that one must never quit the chair. This time if we come to power, we will not quit. We will stay in Delhi and rule for full five years. Congress did not allow us to work and only I know how I worked for those 49 days, which is why I quit... Now you have to ensure that we rule for five years," he said.

Kejriwal addressed two 'Lalkar' rallies in New Delhi on Sunday at Rithala and Kirari. In an attempt to regain the lost ground after his party's Lok Sabha drubbing, the AAP convener has held four rallies in the past month. He said that the anti-corruption branch of Delhi government has been weakened by the Centre.

"It (the Centre) has removed AIIMS chief vigilance officer Sanjeev Chaturvedi. The Anti Corruption branch of Delhi government, because of which I could take action in corruption cases, has been weakened," he charged.

The remarks came against the backdrop of a sting operation in which a rival party member is allegedly caught talking about attacking Kejriwal in Sunday's rallies.

"I am not one of those who is going to run because of these threats," he said.

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