New Delhi: In the eye of a political storm over his family-owned trust allegedly receiving grants from corporates, Oil Minister M Veerappa Moily on Wednesday said he had at no point extended any help or favour to any company for seeking aid.
Moily, in a statement, said the Kisan Sabha Trust, operated by his family members, approaches corporates who are promoting the social cause for the benefit of the people from the bottom of the pyramid.
"I would like to categorically state that there have been absolutely no occasion for me to extend any kind of favour or help to any corporate for seeking financial assistance for the Trust," he said.
Moily said his son Harsha professionally and independently runs the company, MokshaYug Access India Pvt Ltd (MYA) and is a trustee in the Kisan Sabha Trust.

He said he was immensely "pained to see his son Harsha, who built and professionally manages a company that is playing an important role in driving prosperity in rural India, is being condemned by vested interests merely because he happens to be son of a political person".
"It is also a matter of fact that Harsha has been successfully working towards social cause on the basis of his own conscience and without any political ambitions," he said.
"MYA is a professionally run company engaged in the activities beneficial to the people belonging to bottom of the pyramid of economic development," the Minister said.


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