He asked the principal opposition party to recognize its responsibility of ensuring smooth functioning of Parliament and said that it was not the responsibility of the government alone as contended by the BJP.

Hurt over being targeted by BJP, Singh asked the Chair, "Have you heard of any country where the Prime Minister is not allowed to introduce his council of ministers...”

"...Have you heard of Parliament in any country where the opposition shouts 'Prime Minister chor hai'. The type of things that have been said here," he said.

At one point, Leader of the Opposition Arun Jaitley shot back saying, "Have you heard of any country where the Prime Minister has won the vote of confidence by buying MPs?"

Singh said, "If the record of the last nine years is looked at, the principle opposition has never reconciled to the fact that it was voted out of power nine years back."

Amid repeated disruptions and din due to clashes between the Treasury Benches and the BJP, the Prime Minister noted that Parliament is the supreme body of the country but if it is not allowed to function session after session, investors' confidence will be affected.


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