New Delhi: With Anna Hazare observing a one-day fast at Jantar Mantar demanding justice for whistleblowers, Congress on Sunday said while the activist has every right to sit on fast, the authority to make laws lies with the Parliament.

"Anna ji has a right to fast. However, what kind of law will be framed, how it will be framed are issues which will be decided by the Parliament, and not by an individual. The Parliament makes laws which it thinks are most appropriate," Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said here.

He also said the government was committed to bringing a Lokpal for which it was trying to create a consensus.

"As far as Lokpal is concerned, government is committed. Everybody knows that we do not have a majority in the Rajya Sabha. So we are trying to take all parties along with the Congress to get the law passed in the Parliament," Alvi said.

The Congress leader said Hazare's fast did not make much difference as the Parliament represented the will of the people.

"Fasting by Anna Hazare does not make a difference. The Parliament is supreme and the public sends its representatives to the Parliament. And these representatives make laws which they think are the most appropriate.

"If some individual thinks that there are lacunae in that law, then that is his personal opinion," he said. "People say I have insulted the Parliament. Who has insulted the Parliament? The people who have sent them i.e. High Command they have insulted the Parliament or I have insulted the Parliament?

"Who have insulted? People who throw microphones at each other or me? Rajneeti Prasad has sent a notice to me. He says the Parliament is a temple. I am asking whether someone will go the temple and tear Gita? I did not do anything wrong. I am ready to face the music," he said.

Touching upon the porn-gate in Karnataka Assembly, he said "BJP MLAs sit inside and watch blue films and BJP ministers give a clean chit to them.

"When Sharad Pawar was slapped, which was unfortunate, the Parliament discussed it for two hours but when Narendra Kumar was killed there was not even a mention of the incident in the Parliament.

"When Pawar was slapped there was nothing but people cried when Narendra Kumar was killed. The Parliament does not discuss things which people want, it discusses things which are of interest to them," he said.

Another Team Anna member Manish Sisodia said many ministers have been speaking against them in Parliament. He alleged that two ministers -- Chidambaram and Sibal – tried to crush their movement.

Earlier in the day, Kejriwal tweeted, "Constitution was drafted in three years. Lokpal not done in 44 years? No consensus amongst political parties on Lokpal in 44 years. If they have to increase their salaries, there is consensus in 5 minutes.

"More than 25 people, fighting against corruption, murdered in last ten years. Many of them could have been saved if Jan Lokpal had been there," he said.