New Delhi: Anna Hazare on Thursday night hit back at Congress leader Digvijay Singh saying the charge of RSS support to his anti-corruption campaign was an attempt to defame him and ruled out joining politics or becoming a Presidential candidate.

"I know very well that people throw stones only at those trees which bear fruits. People see the world in the colour of the glasses they wear. I think that the colour of your spectacle is wrong and you should change it," he said in his eight-page letter.

The 74-year-old Gandhian has sought to puncture the points raised by Singh in his two letters in which the Congress General Secretary had claimed RSS was backing Hazare's Lokpal campaign and that he was surrounded by associates who are anti-Congress.

Hazare told Singh that if the government brings Jan Lokpal bill in the winter session of Parliament and strives to bring the Lokayukta Act in each state, then there was no need
to agitate or to tell people not vote for Congress.

Referring to Singh's allegation that BJP was planning to make him a candidate in the Presidential elections next year, Hazare said "I neither have the capacity nor the desire to
become the President of India and wonder why Congress and BJP were talking in the air". On allegations that RSS was behind his campaign, Hazare said "not a single RSS worker was seen in my agitation and it could be a joint attempt by Congress and RSS to defame me".

"If (RSS chief Mohan) Bhagwat has said that they were part of the agitation, then I think it is an attempt by RSS to defame me like the way your party is doing. Or it may be that both of you have ganged up to defame me," he said.

Having a dig at Singh, who was Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for ten years, Hazare said he would not have lost the Assembly elections had he worked for the people with total dedication.