New Delhi: Gandhian Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption saw the entire nation united against graft. Simple looking 74-year-old Hazare’s big idea brought a wave of supporters for a strong Jan Lokpal Bill.

His 12-day unprecedented fast has not only set examples for the youth of the country but has also set a benchmark for our politicians.

His slogans and statements took a toll on his critics, especially RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav. During the Lokpal Bill debate in the Parliament, Lalu Prasad Yadav tried to know the reason behind Hazare’s fast. He asked for an investigation behind Anna’s 12 days fast and asked what was the secret behind it.

Tearing into the MP, Hazare politely replied back saying Brahmacharya and a small family was the secret behind his fast. Hazare said small family, simple living and high thinking gave him the power to fast for so many days.

“Some politicians want to know the secret behind my fast. I am unmarried and lead a simple life. I am sure a small family is a happy family and the chances of family members being corrupt reduce by 90 percent,” said Hazare.

“Bigger the family more is the responsibility of their well being which forces people to take to corrupt ways,” he added.

Hazare had addressed the youths of the country and mentioned that a nation can prosper when citizens live a simple and honest life.

“You should make sacrifices but don’t stay unmarried like me,” he mentioned.

In his last address at the Ramlila Maidan his simple yet convincing words explained the youths that Annagiri was necessary to become like him.

“We all should pledge that neither we will give bribe nor take bribe. There should be no difference in saying and doing things,” Hazare said.

We don’t have to stop at Lokpal Bill only, we have to go a long way, he added.