"It is becoming unbearable for the common man to live, owing to large scale corruption in every sphere of society. The people of the state had, through 'jan andolan', forced the government to enact laws on empowering gram sabha, delays in discharge of official work, transfer of officials and
Citizens’ charter," he said.
“It is a sad thing that despite good laws having come into existence, they are not being implemented,” Hazare said in the letter to the Chief Minister.
“The gram sabha's place is above that of Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly. Gandhiji used to say that India's development will come through development of the villages,” he said.
"I am going to send a reminder to you on the issue of implementing these laws properly. If no action is taken, a people's agitation will have to be launched to ensure implementation of these laws," Hazare said.
The veteran anti-corruption crusader also warned the Maharashtra government against revoking the Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Act 2006 and said that he will start a statewide campaign if the law is scrapped.
"Ten years back, there used to be corruption in transfer procedure of government officers. The officers were transferred on the whims and fancies of ministers. This practice was an injustice done to honest officers. We had protested against this and it lasted eight years," he said.

The Maharashtra government had in 2006 passed the Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Act which mandates that an officer cannot be transferred no sooner and no later than three years, except in an emergency or in exceptional circumstances.
"We demanded that a law should be made according to which, an officer will only be transferred after completing three years in service. The Maharashtra government issued a law in 2006 in this respect. Now, there is no injustice done to honest officers," Hazare said.
"Just now we got to know that some ministers want to re-enact this law. They are demanding that the transfer should rest with ministers. We have issued a letter that if this law is repealed, then we will start a statewide movement against this. After a long movement, this law was established, and now they are coming back on the same track," he added.


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