Andhra Pradesh High Court’s move to scrap the 4 percent quota for minorities by the Centre during the assembly polls indicates that the decision was taken by the government in haste to gain political mileage. According to the High Court, the decision was taken merely on religious grounds. The decision of giving 4.5 percent reservation to the minorities was met with strong resistance and was severely criticized as it was aimed at garnering Muslim votes for the assembly elections. However, the Center in order to justify itself cited the Sachar Committee report as the base for declaring the quota and thereby spoke of living to its promises made in its election manifesto in 2009. Though it forgot to tell us as to why the promises made in 2009 were taking shape in 2012 when the assembly elections were going on? Probably this is why the Election Commission put a ban on the implementation of the decision. The Muslims themselves felt cheated and realized that once again they are being used as vote banks. This is probably why the Congress faced an embarrassing defeat in the assembly elections.

It is unlikely that the Centre will pay heed to the High Court’s decision and realise its follies. In all probability this decision may be challenged in the Supreme Court by the government. Though it is tough to say how the Supreme Court will react to it but one thing is clear the Centre has to gear up for tougher days ahead. It is true that steps need to be taken for the upliftment of the minorities specially the Muslims but this should not be done for mere political gains. The Centre took this decision overlooking the constitution.