Bulandshahr: Uttar Pradesh may find it more difficult to arrest the crime menace in the state, following the High Court directive to the state police forbidding them to open history-sheet of young criminals.

The court gave this directive keeping in mind the future of young criminals. The state police after the High Court’s order have asked all its top officials to strictly adhere to the new order. 

The directive has reportedly further added to the woes of state police which has been using history-sheet as a major tool to check the rising crime rate among young goons.

History-sheet enables police to tag a criminal with a number which is distributed to all the police stations in the state. This simplifies the identification of criminals. Also, a history-sheet maintains the criminal history of a goon enabling the police to frame charges against the criminal when arrested.   

This helps the police to track the criminals as well as keep them under control. Therefore, a petition was filed in the High Court against the high-handedness of the police.

(JPN/ Agencies)