Ranked at the 45th position, the private sector bank is ahead of global majors Credit Suisse, DBS Group, and Standard Chartered with a market capitalisation of USD 40.58 billion.
In the top 50 list compiled by Relbanks, SBI has been ranked at 51th with market capitalisation of USD 36.40 while ICICI Bank with USD 33.42 billion is 55th.
With more than 70 million customers and over 9,000 locations and a market cap of USD 284.39 billion, Well Fargo of the USA is the largest bank in the world based on market capitalisation. It is the second largest bank in the US by deposits and debit cards.
Well Fargo is followed by the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) with the market capitalisation of USD 269.70 billion. It is followed by JP Morgan Chase of again the USA with the market capitalisation of USD 233.94 billion.

Top ten banks of the world includes 4 from the USA, 4 from China and one each from the UK and Australia. For the second quarter ended September 2014, HDFC Bank had reported a 20 percent rise in net profit at Rs 2,381.5 crore as compared to Rs 1,982.32 crore.
However, this was the fifth consecutive quarter the private sector bank posted a sub-30 percent increase in quarterly profits. For 37 straight quarters, the bank had posted at least 30 percent profit growth.

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