He Named Me Malala
Cast: Malala Yousafzai
Director: Davis Guggenheim
Rating: 2.5 stars

Yousafzai’s story is no doubt inspiring any which way you see it- whether it’s her memoir “I Am Malala,” or this film based on it. She was shot in the head at age 15 while riding home on the school bus, managed not only to survive but also thrive with a fearless zeal, challenging the very forces that tried to exterminate her unflinching spirit and zest for life.

That brand of heroism has already become legendary. But the Yousafzai story has a context to it. Her family life and the subtext of her conditioning though documented here, doesn’t dig in deep enough. While her charisma is seen and felt, the workings of her young 18 year old mind are not.

Is she going to allow the world of expectation weighing down her young shoulders to strangulate her inner desires? What are they..beyond the public projection of ‘equal opportunity for educating the girl child?’ The documentary fails to go there or to the many inner secrets of her complex thought mechanisms.


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