Toronto: Tahawwur Hussain Rana and his accomplice David Headley, who are alleged to have masterminded the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks at the behest of Pakistan’s ISI, are likely to admit their role at a trial in the US next month, a report said on Tuesday.

The trial of Rana and Headley will begin in Chicago on May 16.
"India-Pakistan tensions will likely be inflamed by a trial that's slated to begin in the United States next month: New court documents reveal that two terrorist operatives accused in the 2008 Mumbai massacre conspiracy are preparing to say they believed themselves to be working for Pakistani spies,'' according to a newspaper here.

Rana, 49, who was arrested on October 3, ran an immigration service in Chicago with offices in New York and Toronto. He was arrested for plotting to attack the Danish newspaper that published the controversial cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in 2005.

Investigators found that Rana was also involved in helping David Headley, whose real name is Daood Gilani, in plotting the Mumbai terror attacks of November 2008 which left 160 people dead.

Headley had travelled to India for carrying out the surveillance work for the Lashkar-e-Taiba before the Mumbai terror attacks.

Having turned an FBI informer to escape the death penalty, Headley will reveal the blow-by-blow of the Mumbai massacre surveillance scheme when he gives evidence against Rana, says the report.

Headley's testimony will reveal how he anglicized his Pakistani name, cultivated ties with LeT, videotaped sites in Mumbai, and briefed his handlers in Pakistan in the run-up to the carnage, according to the report.