Chicago: Mumbai carnage accused David Headley’s first wife Shazia used code words like "I am watching cartoons" to convey to him that he had "graduated", a term she used for success of the 26/11 strikes.

"I've been watching these cartoons (attacks) all day and I am proud of you," Shazia wrote in an email to the Pakistani American.
Shazia, in her congratulatory message, also mentioned how proud she was to see his graduation (success of attacks), Headley told a Chicago court on Friday on the fourth day of the trial of co-accused Pakistani-Canadian Tahawwur Rana.

He told Defence Attorney Patrick W Belgan in court that after the Mumbai attacks began many people congratulated him, besides Shazia.

Shazia was even aware about Headley planning Denmark attacks and had booked plane tickets for him from Denmark to Frankfurt to Dubai and Pakistan.