The headset gathers data on heart rate, speed, distance travelled, aerobic fitness level and calories burned.
The iRiver's ‘On’ audio headset contains a sensor module placed in the right-hand-side ear bud to gather data. It uses infrared light and an accelerometer to analyze blood flow and physical activity. The headset is based on technology developed by US-based PerformTek Precision Biometrics.
The data is displayed on the user's paired mobile device via an accompanying app, which can be used to track progress and create a personalized fitness training programme.
Compared to commonly used chest strap heart rate monitors, the headset shows similar or better performance, even when compared to the accurate data of a professional ECG (electrocardiogram) machine, the product website said.
When used as a training aid, the app will deliver voice prompts to the user as they're exercising, letting them know how close they're getting to their goals.
With the multipurpose headset, users can control playback of music being streamed by Bluetooth from the paired device. They can also use simple controls on the headset to take phone calls.


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