Here's a list of benefits of garlic on empty stomach:

1 Garlic relieves hypertension:
Eating garlic on empty stomach can relieve the symptoms of hypertension. It not only regulates the circulation, but also prevents various heart problems and stimulates the proper function of your liver and bladder.

2 Garlic treats stomach problems:

Garlic is also efficient in treating stomach problems, such as diarrhoea.

3 Garlic, a remedy for nerve problems:
Some people claim that garlic is an amazing remedy for nerve problems, if it is consumed on empty stomach.

4  Garlic helps in digestion:
It stimulates proper digestion and good appetite. Garlic will also help you control your stress and thus stop the production of stomach acid that your body produces every time you get nervous.

5 Garlic for respiratory diseases:
It is truly amazing for preventing and curing  lung congestion, asthma and whooping cough.

6 Garlic treats tuberculosis:
Garlic is the best medicine to treat tuberculosis if eaten on empty stomach in the morning.

7 Garlic helps your joints:
A study found that those who eat high amount of garlic are less likely to have osteoarthritis.

8 Garlic lowers your blood pressure:
Garlic helps lower blood pressure if taken on empty stomach. It is known as a blood-pressure depressor.

9 Garlic lowers your cholesterol:
Garlic can reduce your cholesterol by 9 to 12 percent if consumed daily.

10 Garlic prevents cancer:
Increased intake of garlic has been found to be associated with the reduced risk of certain cancers. This includes cancers of the stomach, colon, esophagus, pancreas and breast.

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