Mumbai: We love the mint leaves in our ‘kababs’ and our ‘mocktails’, and it’s not without a reason. Mint leaves along with their lovely fragrance also have a number of health benefits:

Aids in digestion

Mint is a good appetizer. The smell of mint activates the salivary glands that produce digestive enzymes. This helps us in digesting food.

Nausea and headache
When you feel nauseous try some mint to drive away that feeling. Smell the aroma of mint oil or fresh mint leaves in order to decrease nausea. If you are having headaches try applying some mint oil.

Reduces congestion

The smell of fresh mint is very effective for respiratory congestion as it opens up nose, throat, and lungs. Mint flavour can also help to overcome cough.

Helps breathe easy

If asthma patients use mint regularly it can provide relaxation, and help relieve breathing.

Gives you skin sheen

Mint juice is great when used as face masks. In addition to the skin, infections, rashes, and acne can also be cured by it. Mint can also heal mosquito bites.

For your smile

Mint leaves helps overcome bacteria and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth, no wonder your mouth breathes fresh when you use it regularly.

Fights cancer

According to recent studies, some enzymes contained in the mint leaves can help fight cancer cells.