New Delhi: Despite numerous efforts by the Health Ministry, there has been no reduction in smoking scenes in films and programs broadcast on Television. Therefore, the ministry is now considering to launch a fresh initiative in collaboration with a spate of organization including Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Central Film Censor Board, World Health Organization (WHO) and non-governmental organizations to curb the practice.

The absence of cooperation between the two ministries: Ministry of Health and I&B Ministry have led to an unchecked viewing of smoking scenes on screen. In spite of the Health Ministry’s advice to put such programs in the adult category and broadcasting of a warning message along with them, the I&B Ministry has been turning a deaf year to the demand.

From 2006 to 2009, there was a complete ban on smoking scenes as per the order of the Health Ministry. But the Delhi High Court, while hearing a petition filed by film director Mahesh Bhatt, had stayed the Health Ministry ban.

The Health Ministry had presented the argument that 52 percent youth smoke for the first time after being influenced by their favourite actors.