Good health and toned body of  World leaders like Narendra Modi, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin , David Cameron and Alexis Tsipras have made benchmark for other politicians. Even after entering their 50s, they own an athletic body and inspire the whole world.

Here, we reveal the health secrets of world leaders:

Narendra Modi: The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi wakes up at 4 am in the morning and starts his day with Yoga. PM Modi observes strict fast during religious festivals that boosts his digest system and more importantly he is a vegetarian. The PM goes to bed not before 1 AM and again starts his day at around 4 AM.

Barack Obama: US President Barak Obama has an athletic body and is very particular about his health. Obama eats healthy foods and spends good time on workouts. Obama starts his day with 90 minutes workout in gym where he goes six days in a week. The diet chart consists of foods rich in fiber such as fresh vegetables, fruits. He also prefers food full of protein such as chicken. Also, he keeps himself fit by playing basketball.

Vladimir Putin: One of the most powerful leader of the world - Russian President Vladimir Putin -  is a fitness freak. He hits the gym regularly and practices Judo and horse-riding. He also plays hockey and is good at swimming. Putin wakes late and eats shortly after noon.

He loves omelette or occasionally porridge. The President likes to work late night.

David Cameron: One of the most charming world leaders Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron starts his day around 6 am.  He hits gym quite often and prefers jogging.


Alexis Tsipras: Despite facing debt crisis in his country, Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras always looks dashing and confident. He too is a fitness freak and maintain good diet chart and healthy lifestyle to keep his body toned.

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