A For Anti-oxidants
They are one of the major ways to slow the impact of free-radical damage. Whether taken orally, or applied topically, they prove beneficial for your skin and health.

B for BB creams
These definitely work for people who are on the go and want to use one cream instead of two or three because the same formulation has a soothing agent, a moisturizing agent, a covering agent (the foundation or primer), a protection agent (SPF), anti-ageing agents (anti-oxidants) and is easy to use.

C for Cucumber face pack
For instant freshness and glow on your skin, cucumber never fails you. Dice half a cucumber, add 3 to 4 almonds to it, add 1 tbsp of oat to it and blend it well. Add a few drops of rose water to it and apply on your face and neck. Leave it on for 10 minutes, rinse off with cold water.

D for Dot system
This emphasizes my mantra 'less is more' for the use of topical creams. I want the potent ingredients to help your skin, not cause damage due to copious amount being used.

E for Exfoliation
This refers to the accumulation of useless dead skin cells that can rob us of our youthful glow. Exfoliating the skin helps regain the lost glow.

F for Facial exercises
It can help us tone the muscles and skin of our face just as regular exercise can do so for your body.

G is for Grey (facial) hair
It can now be reduced with new age laser, which incorporates radio-frequency too.

H is for Hair follicles
Did you know that the hair follicles (per sq cm) that you are born with will never increase? They can decrease though!

I is for Injectables
These include dermal fillers and Botox that are anti-ageing tools, but here again I believe that 'less is more' to sport a subtle rejuvenated look.

J is to Justify your decade
The best and most glorious way to anti-age is if you look the best and most glorious version of you. Where no one can exactly put a finger as to why you look so much younger and radiant but also know that this is you at your most beautiful and not a plastic, unnatural shadow of your former self.

K is for Keloid tendency
This should caution you from undergoing surgeries, as a cut could result in a hardened area

L is for Lemon shots
Lemon shots need to be taken regularly (juice extracted from about four medium-sized lemons) is a wonderful way to alkalise your system and embrace good health

M is to Moisturize your skin
It is important to remember that the skin's natural ability to moisturize diminishes, as we get older; the skin produces less oil with age. This impacts the skin's natural ability to stay hydrated.

N is for Night care
Night care is vital. It remains one of the most essential things that should be an integral part of your skin care. The key ingredients of your night cream work on your skin as you sleep.

O is for Oil massage
A full-body oil massage helps you to de-stress, hydrates your body, gives the entire body a glow and prevents skin dryness, which in turn delays ageing.

P is for Photo-ageing
Excessive or prolong exposure to the UV rays of the sun, can be detrimental to our skin. It is one of the biggest reasons for premature ageing of the skin. Sunscreen though may not prevent the tan completely, but a regular use will ensure that the skin is less damaged.

Q is for Questions
You must ask your physician/therapist questions that are of prime importance to understand what you are subjecting yourself to before a treatment.

R is for Retinol
This is one of the most crucial anti-ageing elements you can have in your arsenal.

S is for Shaving
Shaving does not make hair thicker as believed.

T is for Tan
This cannot be prevented after a prolonged sun exposure.

U is for UV rays

The ultraviolet rays of the sun — UVA ages us, and UVB burns our skin. It is crucial to select a sunscreen that offers protection from UVA as well as UVB.

V is for Volume loss
This occurs to your face due to the migration of fat pads from your cheeks, temporal region making you look older, can be reversed with the help of Volumizers — the dermal fillers.

W is for Water intake
Not just skin but all organs need water. When skin cells don't get enough water, they get dry. Dry skin is more wrinkle-prone than nourished, hydrated skin.

X is for 'Xpress' ways
To combat sudden skin emergencies, such tips should be known to one and all. One such tip is use half a lime and rub it on your nails if they have turned yellow after a meal. Do this for a few minutes.

Y is for being 'Youthfull'

It's possible with a healthy diet and is unrivaled for anti-ageing.

Z is for Zit
Having a sudden pimple emergency. If the pimple is painful and shows a 'pus point', apply a dot of Multani Mitti or Fuller's Earth on the point and leave it on overnight. It'll shrink the pimple beautifully.

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