New Delhi: The healthcare smart card scheme made for the Railways employees seems to have lost its sheen as it failed to give desired result.

Launched as a pilot scheme in August 2008, the health care smart card scheme has provided treatment facilities only to the ten percent of retired employees to date.

The reason behind the failure of the scheme is said to be limited numbers of disease included under the health care smart card scheme. At present, the scheme covers expenses of treatment for disease related with heart, kidney and cancers only.

According to the data provided by Railways Department of Health Services, only 300 retired employees applied for smart cards in 2008-2009.

In 2009-2010, Railways issued 4000 health care smart cards but only ten percent retired employees could get the benefits of the scheme.

Officials of Northern Railways Department of health services said that the scheme was launched for retired Railways employees so that they could get treatment in any big hospital of the city rather than running for the central hospital of Northern Railways.