New Delhi: In what could be good tidings for Delhiites, Municipal Corporation of Delhi has taken a serious note of their health issues and is all set to come up with guidelines which will help in betterment of health of the people in the national capital.

Soon, vendors selling street food, cut fruits, etc will not be seen in the capital and vendors giving gol-gappas will have to wear gloves while serving them.

Similarly, standards will be decided on serving food in hotels, bars and restaurants. Delhi Mayor Rajni Abbi is in favour of issuing the guidelines in this regard.

After floating the health norms, the MCD will take stock of the quality of spices and oil used in food items prepared in the restaurants. Oil once used for preparation of food item will not be re-used.

Also, any person will not be served more than 40 ML liquor within an hour’s time.

The government will completely ban sale of cut fruits in open on roadsides. However, the MCD has not given any assurance regarding the issuance of the guidelines.

“Prevention is better than cure and we are working in this direction,” said Abbi.

However, Abbi accepted that she was more concerned about the implementation of the guidelines than issuing them.