In ancient era, exchange of spices from one country to another was very prominent. Indians also adopted some food items from other countries and Indianized their recipes by adding exquisite desi spices just like France, Spain and Mexican serve food of Indian origin.

Indian food items like rajma chawal, gulab jamun, jalebi that are popular around the world and we flaunt it like we own it. But before feeling deep pleasure by introducing it to diners, we may need to think again.

Hold up your heart and take a look at list of food items that are not actually originated in India.   

Rajma rice
Staple food of North Indian.
Originated in Central Mexico

Tea-time snack of all Indians.
Originated in Middle East

Gulab jamun
Mouth watering sweet dough is famous in West Bengal.  
Originated in Mediterranean and Persia

Favourite thin and crispy sweet dish is popular among North Indians.
Originated in Middle East

Daal Bhaat
Simple and nutritional food is popular in Bihar.
Originated in Nepal

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