Mumbai: If you feel that shoes are the most important part of your look and being different is your attitude, then all you need is a pair of heels styled by shoe designer Rohan Arora, who will present his collection "Leela" at the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Sunday.

Kolkata-based Arora has designed 16 pairs that represent an amalgamation of street-style fashion with old vintage charm and comprise shoes with heels that have intricate hand-crafted Nakashi work.

"This season, in my collection 'Leela', the colours and the hues are very street style but the heels have got a very old vintage charm to them. The heels are basically made of wood and Nakashi work has been done on it," Arora told reporters in an interview.

"The process is that wood is cut in the shape of the heel, then Nakashi work is done on it and then it is hand painted in a way that the work is highlighted. This is complete hand work and I got people from Jaipur, Saharanpur and one guy from Kashmir to make them."

"They have been working on these 16 pairs of shoes for almost two months. This takes a lot of time because it is very intricate work. In today's time, it happens a lot in Jaipur, but it's mostly on jewellery. But I have got it done on wood for shoes," Arora added.

As far as durability of the shoe is concerned, Arora swears by it.

Arora also pointed to the designs on the upper part of the shoes, which cost anywhere between Rs.5,000 and Rs.15,500.

Arora also stressed that he has designed the collection in a way that's wearable and appealing to people from different walks of life and different age-groups.