Bangalore: Team Anna member Santosh Hegde on Monday called for a wide debate on electoral reforms similar to the Lokpal Bill and sought to know why measures like 'Right to Recall' and 'Right to Reject' won't work in India.
"I think there should be a debate (on electoral reforms) across the is the debate taking place on Lokpal bill...We will have to discuss why it's not practical in our country," the former Supreme Court judge told when asked to comment on Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi remarks that such a move is impractical.
In an interview to a news channel, Quraishi had said he is not in favour of 'Right to Recall', 'Right to Reject' as any such electoral rule will "destabilise" the country.
"It's not possible in India...It will destabilise the country, everywhere where there is discontent, people will start recalling," the CEC had said.
Hegde said, "If it's (the clause) suited to one country, we got to find if there is a way by which you can modify it to suit our country."
The former Karnataka Lokayukta said while "everybody says yes" to electoral reforms, there should be debates on how it should be done -- whether it should be 'Right to Recall' or 'Right to Reject' or electoral funding to be taken over by the state.
He said Team Anna has no problem in discussing Quraishi's suggestion favouring appointment of Election Commission by a collegium of people representing a cross section or political parties, rather than by the government, to improve public perception about the institution.

Hegde said he would like to add one more issue to it – he wants Parliamentary and Assembly secretariats to publish a annual performance audit of all elected representatives.
He advocated this measure, citing a magazine report which revealed that during 2004-2009, out of 540-odd members in Lok Sabha, only 174 spoke in the House.
"So, why do we spend so much of money and send the representatives of ours to the Parliament? If they are not participating there, what else they are doing?; are they influencing for transfers, contracts or other things; or are they doing legitimate work which is entrusted to them as our representatives?" Hegde asked.
He also pointed out that on December 23, 2008; the Parliament passed as many as 17 bills in 12 minutes.   
"They have the temerity to beat their chests and say who are you unelected, unelectable tyrants interfering in the work of the Parliament", Hegde said, obviously referring to a section of the political class which opposed Team Anna pushing for Jan Lokpal bill.
"I think we require some responsbile representatives, that's why we have to bring about electoral reforms", he said, adding, these reforms should not be confined to elected members alone; there should be wide debate, like one for Lokpal bill.