London: Veteran actress Helen Mirren is donating her iconic red bikini to raise money to keep Britain's elderly warm this winter.

The 'Queen' star made a splash when she was photographed in the two-piece while on vacation in 2008 and the pictures were published around the world.

Now the 66-year-old actress has handed over her beloved swimsuit to raise cash for Age UK's Spread the Warmth campaign, which provides thousands of older people with food
packages, blankets and heaters.

"I'm saying farewell to it a little bit regretfully but hopefully it will go to someone who will fill it with as much aplomb as maybe I did... It happens to be one of the best bikinis in the world because it fits!

"I would love it to raise money for an organization that I support called Age UK. I love the idea of this little flimsy summer thing going towards helping old people stay warm and comfortable and toasty in the wintertime. Age UK is a wonderful organisation so I'm hoping that they can raise money with it," said the Oscar-winning actress.