Microsoft is running a pilot project in Andhra Pradesh using the white space technology to deliver broadband. Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad met Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith today and discussed about the pilot project on white space, which the technology giant is running.

"Let the formal results of this come about. whatever technology they bring in, operators will use it. I said it is important that you (Microsoft) come with proper technology that will be used in inaccessible areas of the country like North-East, Himalayan region where it is difficult to take
fibre or cable, so how we reach in those areas effectively," Prasad said.
Apart from the pilot project, Prasad also deliberated on issues related to cyber security. Microsoft informed the minister that they have set up three data centres in the country and even government and its departments should use them to store their data.
"Smith said they have installed good facility of cloud computing in India, including their data centres at three places and they requested that the government should also be open to use their cloud platform. "I told them they also need to awaken the government and semi government institutions and sensitise them about the need for using them effectively," Prasad added.