Amidst conflicting news of Dinesh Trivedi being sacked and tendering his resignation to the Prime Minister after presenting his maiden rail budget, it is evident that the government is going to face a tough time from its own coalition partner TMC whose leader Mamata Banerjee is unhappy with Dinesh Trivedi and there is all possibility of him being sacked. In the present scenario he might hold on to the ministry for some more days. The UPA seems to have no other alternative but to concede to the demands of the TMC. Coalition partners have right to appoint ministers from the quota allotted to them but this does not give them the license to dictate terms. However, Mamata Banerjee is doing exactly this. The West Bengal Chief Minister is hardly content with the decision to sack Trivedi, moreover she wants to tamper with the Rail Budget. For the government which has hailed the Rail Budget, tweaking with it would prove to be embarrassing. Any interference with the Budget will spell doom for the Railways which is already in a battered state. Will the UPA let this happen in order to cling to power? How long will the government keep on conceding to the demands of the TMC?

Agreeing to Mamata’s demands will certainly mean giving up economic reforms. Will the government neglect the report of the economic survey which speaks of reducing the subsidy given to various sectors? After opposing the NCTC and FDI in retail sector Mamata has now expressed her displeasure over the Rail Budget which proves that the government has become a mere puppet in the hands of TMC. The UPA can give in to the demands of its coalition partners in order to remain in power but this will bring nothing good for the country. The UPA has to find a way to come out from this mess or it has to gear up to face more bumpy days ahead. Mamata Banerjee has asked the government to appoint Mukul Roy in place of Dinesh Trivedi as Railway Minister. Interestingly Roy is the same person who as the MoS Railways had refused the Prime Minister’s request to visit an accident site.