Washington: A podiatrist has provided ample reasons why women should not wear high heels.

Michael Liebow, a podiatrist from Bethesda, explained that by wearing heels, you're altering the position of the foot and how the foot is to function, a daily reported.

The common problems caused by donning such a footwear is the formation of calluses and, more painfully, corns, that are hard nuggets of keratin buildup caused by pressure on the skin.

Liebow asserted that high heels squeeze the toes causing capsulate, a painful inflammation of the joints where the toes attach to the foot, and neuronal, or pinched nerves.

Also, frequently wearing high heels can lead to the condition called Achilles tendonitis, which is caused by extra stretching of the Achilles tendon when you kick off your shoes and the heel comes down to the floor at the end of the day

Pumps can also cause inflammation of the connective tissue at the bottom of the foot, the plantar fascia that requires tough procedures to correct the issue.