Side-effects of a breakup
A breakup can make you feel miserable. You quit eating, sleeping or indulging in any activity that takes your mind off your ex. These are all the emotional aspects of a breakup.

Withdrawal symptoms
It is a well-known saying that love is a drug. Shockingly, when it ends it leaves behind some withdrawal symptoms too. According to a study conducted by the Stony Brook University, anxiety experienced during a split activates the same part of the brain which is stimulated during addiction.

Depression, insomnia and anxiety
A split puts a person at a high risk of suffering from depression and anxiety. As a result of these conditions, a person ends up suffering from insomnia.

Chest pain
Psychologists at Columbia University say that intense emotional pain can stimulate the same networks of nerves as physical pain. Thus, a split can feel as painful as a hard punch. Love really does hurt. Doesn’t it?

Heart attack
A breakup or a divorce can cause high production of the stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline in the body. This makes the heart beat faster and triggers abnormal heart rhythms.

Loss of appetite, weight gain and digestive problems

Few weeks after breakup, most people quit eating a normal diet. This happens because in stress a part of the brain called hypothalamus produces a hormone which reduces appetite, say scientists at Harvard Medical School.


Courtesy: Mid-Day

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