If anybody reviews the print advertisements carefully, they will surely notice the hands of all the clocks set to a particular time which will leave them wondering as to why is it done.

There have been many stories to prove its relevance. While some rumours say that the time was set as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln who was shot dead at 10:10, another cites the same for President John F Kennedy. But then, rumours are only rumours.

To practically examine the motives behind setting time to 10:10, one will find that the basic reason is the aesthetic sense of advertisements. But then, that's not the only one reason.

The main reason recognised behind this is the beautification of company's logo. When the hands of the timepiece are set at 10:10, it provides a frame to the logo. Moreover, if one notices carefully, one will realise that the hands of the clock appear like a smile, thus beautifying it all the more.

Apart from that, the hands are set in such a way to prevent them from overlapping. Also the key details of watch are clearly visible when the hands are set in such a manner.

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