But now things have changed drastically. Today, children have become more prone to internet surfing and whatsapp chatting. Unlike kids in 90's, today childhood are being captivated with high tech games and television programs.

Nostalgia is what we feel while looking back to those days when we used to wait for Sundays desperately. Those vacation  mornings when we would gulp milk as fast as we could to join the group waiting outside. The clash of clans, what we believed our cricket matches used to be.

Our vacation used to be incomplete without games like Hide and Seek, Marble, Touch and stop etc and  surprise visit of cousins would be the cherry on the cake. For us, there visits would mean sleepless nights, endless games and uncountable memories.

Here, we bring you the glimpse of children in 90's which will help you understand how their childhood were:

1. Fire Boat

2.Bounce Game

3.Cartoon Network

4. Takeshi's Castle

5. Cricket

6. Mowgli

7. Marble

8. Nokia 1100

9. Tree Hanging

10. Scooby Dooby Doo

11. Shaktimaan

12. Indoor Games

13. Tom and Jerry

14. Video Games

15. Outdoor Games

16. Mario

17. Flavoured Ice

18. Candy

19. Chacha Chaudhary

20. Audio Cassette