In that sense, many of our favourite Bollywood stars are no different. The road to stardom was not that easy for them. They too have a long saga of struggle behind them. Many of them used to do odd-jobs before joining the industry, and here is how they made their first income and what they used it for:

1. Kalki Koechlin:

Kalki Koechlin used to work as a waitress in London. It was her first job and she earned 40 pounds for it. The actress used it for clearing her rent.

2. Irrfan Khan:

The actor during high-school days took tuitions for a little extra income and earned Rs. 25 for each student in Jaipur. He saved it to buy a bicycle for himself.

3. Arjun Kapoor:

Did you know that Arjun Kapoor's first job in the film industry was of an assistant director in Nikhil Advani's 'Kal Ho Naa Ho' in 2003. He was just 18 at that time and earned Rs 35,000 for the job which he gave to his parents to open a bank account.

4. Shah Rukh Khan:

Shah Rukh had to work as an usher for a Pankaj Udaas concert for his first pay. He got Rs. 50 and used it to buy a ticket to visit Taj Mahal.

5. Hrithik Roshan:

A 6 years old Hrithik acted in the film ‘Aasha’ (1980) and was given Rs.100 for it. And guess what? Roshan Jr. bought toy cars with that money!

6. Sonam Kapoor:

This fashion diva was served everything on a silver platter. But, despite this, she started working as an assistant director with Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the movie Black (2005) and was paid Rs 3000 monthly. She used the money for travelling.